Fern Orozco

Fern Orozco

Thompson's Bookstore

Charity Partner:
Cafe Momentum

Four years ago, HG Sply Co in Dallas’ popular Lower Greenville neighborhood gave Fort Worth native Fern Orozco his start in bartending. After catching the craft bug, the 28-year-old talent made his way home (and a name for himself) at Thompson’s Bookstore, dreaming up unique cocktail recipes and attracting a growing crop of regulars. 

Now, Orozco is paying it forward, becoming a mentor to new bartenders while continuing to educate himself on his craft. Always reading, working, and talking about new cocktails or the history of spirits, Orozco is well on his way to becoming a Fort Worth bartending icon.  

He is thrilled to compete against his peers and to get a chance to work with the Cafe Momentum. He knows the importance the nonprofit’s mission of making a difficult situation a lot more manageable. The House makes an impact on the lives of children and that is what matters.

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